Buy a new Investment without Cash

You can purchase an investment property without drawing cash out of your owner occupied home, simply by cross-securitising your owner occupied with the new investment property you want to buy.

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

Buying out an ex-partner

The effects of seperation on children and loved ones are hard enough, but the proces of working out the financial implications can be just as difficult. Mark gives some practical insights about how to buyout your Ex. 

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

Buy your first home with minimal cash using a Family Pledge

Utilising your parents equity to buy your first home and save unnecessary LMI costs.

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

What To Do About Interest Rate Hikes

Fixed rates have shot up recently leaving a gap of almost 1% between fixed and variable rates. Does this mean variable rates are soon to go on the rise as well. Should I fix now or wait?

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

Save $30,000 on the life of your loan!

Many of us find the home loan process frustrating and complex. This is why your broker can save you thousands by keeping your loan front of mind!

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

Bad Credit? We can help.

There are many reasons why customers fall behind with finances. Changing employment, illness and marriage separations can all result in good customers with adverse credit situations.

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

LMI… Friend or Foe?

The way house prices are increasing in Australia it’s sometimes worth taking the LMI hit to get into a home sooneer…

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

What is LVR?

Simply put this is the Loan to Value Ratio. But what does it mean and what relevance does it have to borrowing money?

Published:  18.06.2018   by markmortgagebroker

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