Rate Hike Relief

Until June 30 - 2024:

This is a relief plan over the next 12 months to help you breathe a little easier this year until the RBA rate starts to ease up.

With a total lender cash back offer of $2,000 and another $1000 from Westlend, we can offer outcomes that work out to be less than the current fixed options over the next 12 months.

ANZ Cashback - $2000
plus a Westlend Cashback $1000
Sub 70% LVR current variable rate 6.23%

comparison rate
equivelent to 5.67% (over 12 months) based on a loan of 470K

(conditions apply - Only one offer per applicant, lender cashback paid up to 60 days after settlement, Westlend cashback paid within 7days after settlement into nominated bank account).

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