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First Home Buyers

As a first home buyer we will assess your borrowing capacity and guide you through every step and be there with you along the way to buying your first home.


No the grant is applied to the building costs however you could obtain a deposit bond to pay for the full deposit.

First Home Owners Grant – If you are constructing a new dwelling and the combined cost of land and dwelling is no more than 750,000 you will receive a 10,000 grant from the government which goes towards the construction.

STAMP Duty Exemption – If you purchase land up to 400,000 you will pay no stamp duty.

If you purchase an established home and it’s your first home up to 650K you will also pay no stamp duty and the stamp duty will increase incrementally up to 800K where it will cap out to the maximum fee.

First home deposit scheme allows you to borrow up to 95% of the purchase price without having to pay Lenders Mortgage insurance. Read more

Purchase a s an investment first to maximise borrowing capacity and rent out for a period of time so that the balance of loan can be substantially reduced while living with parents.

Family Pledge or security guarantee will assist in allowing you to in certain circumstances, purchase a home at 100% plus costs with now or very little deposit cash.

Build up to 750K to gain the 10K FHOG plus the stamp duty exemption AND also taking advantage of 95% borrowing without paying any LMI

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We have a proven record of getting First Home Owners into their first home because we understand the lender policies which allow purchasers to borrow what they need to buy their first home. 

We understand policies which will gain applicants an advantage such as family pledge guarantees, First Home deposit schemes, First Home owner grants, stamp duty exemptions etc with a broker who is dedicated specifically to first home purchasers.

Book an appointment with one of our mortgage brokers to discuss your options to buying your first home.

Personal Loans

We are a referral partner to one of the largest asset finance groups in Australia, with a number of options for secured and unsecured loans for business or personal use.

Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan is a loan which allows you to use your existing property or properties as equity so that you can purchase more property without contributing any cash.


There has never been a better time to refinance your home loan then now. With interest rates increasing, you need to be always looking for the best interest rates.

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Personal Loans

We can help you with personal loans for cash deposit for home, car loans, boat and marine finance.

Business machinery and motor vehicles, Business loans to purchase a business, home improvements.

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Home Equity Loans

This is done by using the combined security value of your existing property or properties and the property you wish to purchase, so that you can borrow against the total equity pool.

You should get a home equity loan if you are equity rich and low on cash, because it is a great way to build a property portfolio without having to use savings.

Book an appoint with one of our mortgage brokers to discuss your options to draw the equity on your existing property or properties.