Current Home Loan rates in Australia

There are a number of lenders currently attempting to capture the market for a longer fixed term. The 3 year fixed current home loan rates in Australia are the most competitive.

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Adelaide Bank and Heritage Bank lead the way with current home loan rates in Australia under 5.4%. In the variable space The Teacher’s Mutual bank is offering 5.39% however watch out for application fees of $600. This will on an average loan over two years add .06% higher. St George are still offering a 4K cashback until the end of June. This will reduce to 2K until August, so they are a good 12 month option.

Find a good broker

If you find a good broker who will cover transfer fees then you could make a shift after 12 months if there are better offers. St George’s variable rate at 5.54% could be an excellent offering with the cashback, taking .40% off the advertised rate on the average loan.

Overall there are still good current home loan rates on offer which will be worth contacting your broker about. It’s always a good idea to call your lender first though, to get a rate review and an instant reduction on your current home loan interest rates in Australia. If you find other lenders can still do better then talk to your broker today and get the refinancing ball rolling asap.

Find a good process

And remember to turn your loan over every 2-3 years. Having 2-3 lenders you like which you can rotate will over the life of the loan save you thousands. If you refinanced every two years and save $2000 per change then you’ve saved yourself $30,000 over the life of the loan

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